Beach & Surf

Fun in the Sun

Year round, Playa Yankee is a haven for beach lovers of all walks of life. Children can splash safely in its shallow entry white water or delight in collecting a bounty of hermit crabs, snails, clams, seashells, and sand dollars. Adults can dive in for a fantastic swim session or enjoy relaxing in the shade with a cooler full of tasty drinks and snacks.

Surfing for every level of experience

Nicaragua is known worldwide as a premier surf destination. At one kilometer in length, Playa Yankee’s beachfront provides one of the longest shore breaks available to surfers looking for the perfect wave. Whether you are a serious shredder or just getting started, we will set you up for success. Experienced surfers can bring their own favorite boards from home or use one of the short or long boards belonging to the Orquidea. Novices will begin with a lesson on a foam board and get personalized hands-on time in the water with an instructor from one of San Juan del Sur’s professional surf schools.

If you’re not quite ready to take on surfing, the Orquidea also has an assortment of boogie boards available for guest use.

Surf Retreats

The Orquidea is an ideal solution for surf enthusiasts looking for accommodations and experiences a cut above the typical surf hostel. With four other excellent surf breaks within a short driving distance (Playas Hermosa, Remanso, Marsella, and Maderas), surf retreat groups can set up home base at the Orquidea while exploring the very best surfing the San Juan del Sur region has to offer.