Gardens & Grounds

Thoughtfully designed and expertly cared for, the beautifully maintained gardens and grounds of the Orquidea delight the senses and calm the mind. Stroll through the lower gardens near the Poolside Terrace suites to find one or both playful elephants peeping out from their bougainvillea garden hiding spots. Explore the many varietals of elegant and exotic plants chosen for the Orquidea including lipstick palms, tropical ginger, and many types of namesake orchids. Even the largest groups will find plenty of space to spread out and carefully curated spaces for solo reflection or hanging out together.

  • Waiting on the rains to come...
  • The storm will pass. 💙🇳🇮💙
  • #sunsets
  • Divided sky with wind blows high 🎼 Sunset season is in full swing. 🇳🇮
  • Sunrise and sunset. Join us! 🇳🇮
  • Nosotros esperamos por ti...💙🇳🇮💙
  • Amazing shot from our neighbors porch.
  • Arribada in full swing this week.
  • Watching an amazing storm roll by at the Orquidea!
  • We have had some fantastic sunsets this week.  #rainyseason #orquideadelsur #jungleretreat
  • Our brunch guests have arrived.
  • Moonset at sunrise 💙🇳🇮💙

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