Outdoor Bar & Lounges

Enjoy outdoor entertaining at it finest at the Orquidea’s outdoor bar and multiple lounges. The beautifully finished, shaded wet bar and standard-sized refrigerator are fully accessible to guests and can be stocked daily as desired. On this same level between the main house and the Lower Infinity Pool, guests can relax into the outdoor couch, lounge chairs, one of two traditional lounging hammocks, or try one of the five hanging upright chair hammocks. Several bar tables and chairs line the railing and offer magnificent views of Playa Yankee below.¬†This large and comfortable space is the best spot for groups to watch a spectacular sunset all together.

Descend the Grand Staircase to find the bunker lounge near the Lower Infinity Pool and Poolside Terrace suites. This cushioned, sunken area with built-in couches and a central marble-tiled table is perfect for a game of chess or a bottle of wine with friends.