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Roving Blue Corporate Retreat

Roving Blue Corporate Retreat

“What kinds of communities need our products?”

“How can we reach a greater audience with our marketing tools?”

“What do we need to do to reach our year-end sales goals?”

These questions were just some of the big ideas tackled at Roving Blue’s corporate retreat held at the Orquidea del Sur September 10 – 17, 2019.

Roving Blue is a leading manufacturer and distributor of water purification systems. By harnessing the power of ozone, often referred to as “nature’s disinfectant,” Roving Blue technology effectively kills microbes such as bacteria, viruses, fungi, and parasites from drinking water.

It’s hard to overstate the importance of the availability of clean water, especially in a developing country like Nicaragua, so we were happy to host this retreat group led by CEO Marianna DeMyer. Her executive team held several strategic planning sessions and had a lot of fun with some team building exercises, including a day of offshore fishing and cheering on the Packers with some Sunday Funday action in the infinity pool!

The Orquidea is an ideal location for corporate retreats for many reasons, including the luxury and exclusivity of our private resort. Each well-appointed guest suite has its own private bathroom, and the living spaces provide ample room for brainstorming sessions and group discussions. The fact that the entire resort belongs to a single group at a time lends itself well to the relationship building that can only take place in such an exclusive and special setting.

Our favorite question overhead from the retreat pulled at our adventurous heartstrings: “With the world as your water bottle, where will you go next?”

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