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Baby Turtles on the Loose

baby olive ridley turtles playa flor

Get out your bucket list! You’re sure to add this “can’t miss” item: Releasing baby turtles into the ocean at sunset.

Last week at the Orquidea, we took our guests to Playa Flor to witness and take part in one of Nicaragua’s most amazing natural displays. Baby Olive Ridley sea turtles are hatching by the dozen every day this time of year, corresponding with the 50-day average incubation period following the mass arrivals (“arribadas”) of egg-laying females that came to Flor to nest in October.

After being treated to a spectacular sunset, we waited until nightfall to release the turtles. Under the cover of darkness and with the safety of numbers, the turtles are more protected from hungry predators such as sea birds and fish. We use only the approved red lights that do not distract the baby turtles, and we have them in headlamp form so that guests can easily use their (gloved) hands to pick up the baby turtles. Some turtles are disoriented and lethargic from waiting all day in a basket at the guard station to be released, so a little helping hand can go a long way in getting the babies into the ocean successfully.

Turtle activity takes place nearly year-round at Playa Flor, only a quick 20-minute drive from the Orquidea. Check out the Sea Turtles section under the Adventures tab for more information. Be sure to book your turtle excursion with us during your stay!

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